Terms,conditions and regulations


Authors writing in C Square Educationals are welcomed to earn as they write. The following terms and conditions and regulations are expected to be adhered to by all authors of C Square Educationals to ensure ethical and fair contribution to the learning or education industry;

Terms and conditions

1.All the posts or articles posted by authors must be purely educational, book reviews, movie reviews, television shows reviews are also accepted.

2.Posts on politics are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

3.Posts related to sex or containing sexual related are prohibited in C Square Educationals.

4.Posts showing nudity are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

5.Posts having fetish elements for instance body mutilation,blood,body fluids, human or animal excrement are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

6.Posts promoting terrorist activity are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

7.Posts showing medical procedures for instance surgery or medicinal prescription are not allowed in C Square Educationals unless one shows enough qualifications in the medical sector to do so.

8.Posts regarding violence, fighting,arms of war like guns,bombs or even knifes are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

9.Posts related to crimes like murder are not allowed in C Square Educationals.

10.Offensive posts which may spread racism, tribalism are not allowed in C Square Educationals.



1.C Square Educationals payment depends on your posts' views.You are encouraged to advertise your posts e.g on social media to maximize your pay.The price per article view ranges from 0.01 -0.1KSH

2.Every post must be at least 200 words long.

3.Plagiarism is not allowed in any of the posts.Every post should be generated by the user.Copying and pasting posts from books or the internet is not allowed.

4.All posts must be referenced accordingly.

5.All posts must be partriotic to C Square Educationals and may not be aganist the system.

6.Posts must be explanatory.The informal approach of teaching should be utilized in the posts.

7.Posts should not be duplicated on C Square Educationals.

8.Hacking or attempt to hack into C Square Educationals systems is not allowed.Anyone found doing may be prosecuted as per the law.

10.C Square Educationals has exclusive right to modify and enhance every post submitted to its system to ensure that it brings maximum revenue to the author.

11.Every author must register before beginning to write.This will ensure that the author is signced to the system for instance when you register you will provide us with information about how you will be paid e.t.c.You may register here User registration form

12.Every author is encouraged to sign up for C Square Educationals newsletter so that he/she will get updated on any changes on C Square Educationals.You may sign up here.


13.To contact C Square Educationals officially, you may sign up contact form here.Contact form

14.C Square Educationals reserve exclusive rights to terminate any account at anytime without be answerable to anyone.

15.You may click here to start writing

Write your educational post here!

16.If you refer someone to write on C Square Educationals,make sure they include your name, phone number and email when they register. You must be a C Square Educationals author to refer someone. You are credited with 1% of the earnings of each refer you make.

17.Payments are made on 100KSH threshold i.e once you make 100KSH you are paid.

18.Posts review, processing takes 3 business days or less.Once the post is published,you will receive links to your posts via email or you can find them by searching the posts in

19.Once you get your post link you can see your views by clicking and visiting the post.The post view count is displayed there.

20.All posts should be written in english language only.

21.Include a photograph on every of yours post.

22.You may submit image or video via email

23.Once you get paid,your view count starts again.

24.Press the top part of your published post to copy the post URL in case you want to advertise your post on social media.

25.C Square Educationals authors are encouraged to focus on quality content and good pay will automatically follow with patience.Good luck everyone!

26.Photographs and videos submitted to C Square Educationals must atleast include the owners image or scene respectively i.e one must be present in the photo or video he or she earns from!

27.A referer must be a member of C Square Educationals and must have written atleast one article or submitted a video or photograph.

28.All PDFs submitted to C Square Educationals must be original and belong to the uploader.Submission of someone's work, ebook or PDF is prohibited.

29.Any resource submitted to C Square Educationals must atleast have a prove of the owner's;the uploaders right to the resource!
30.Every partner of C Square Educationals must subscribe to our YouTube channel, click the image below to visit the channel and subscribe to it;

They must then send screenshot proof of subscription via email

It should be noted that failure to adhere to the above terms, conditions and regulations may result in account termination or even prosecution.

NB//C Square Educationals is a private organization and thus it  reserve the exclusive right over all of its systems and procedures.C Square Educationals can modify the terms, conditions, regulations,page view price or posts, author's account without being answerable to anyone as per the law.




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